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Hostile Hustle Releasing on XBOX!

Almost 2 years ago, we put “I Accidentally…In Space!” out on Xbox Live Indie Games for the world to enjoy. We got nice reviews. Made some sales. And it was good.
Shortly after, in the process of moving on to to other projects, we decided to port our little gem to Android and iOS, but decided it needed a little more polish. Soooo, we added some polish, nicked a few edges, added more polish, a couple of layers of paint, some extra limbs, improved gameplay, better graphics… basically enough stuff to make it damn near a new game! And… it was good.
But what about all those Xbox players? We can’t abandon our ROOTS, now can we? (Well, I suppose anyone with a Windows PC can just play if for free, but still…)
So, back to putting in all of the finicky little things required for Xbox, some more time in playtesting and peer review, some new bug fixes, and VIOLA! A pass in peer review!

So, Lethal Martini Games is proud to announce that the all-new “Hostile Hustle” will be reappearing in the Xbox Marketplace in the (improved, easier to find) (thanks, Microsoft!) Indie Games Section!

Running on platforms! Shooting at bad guys! Collecting gems! All for a mere 80 points! WHEEEEEEEEE!

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