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Code Monkey go to job

(Apologies for the outdated reference…remember, I’m kinda old. You’re lucky I’m not throwing out War Games references)

So it has now officially been over a year since we threw in the towel to pursue more meaningful and profitable ventures in the form of the day job. Does not actually feel like that long. It is AMAZING what can be accomplished when not preoccupied with writing and debugging code! I’ve remodeled and painted 2 rooms, started writing a book, revisited oil painting, built some patio furniture, brewed a crap-ton of home-brew and re-introduced myself to my family. The day job is proving to be pretty lucrative also, now that it has my full attention.
Of course, this is not to imply that spending hours of my day writing and re-writing and playing games wasn’t fulfilling. It just seems that, of all of my various ventures, the time spent vs. rewards received (both in financial rewards and in feelings of accomplishment) is by far the lowest. (That or I just suck at it!) That being said…
Things at the day job are in no way starting to calm down. In fact, my time commitment (and return on the investment of that time) is continually rising. Still, I find my focus being able to safely level off and my mind is more able to wander back…
Dammit, I know how many hours I spend doing this shit, and the meager results it yields, but I just can’t stay away! I’m drawn to the challenge! As a result, much of my free time this week was taking this platformer I’ve been toying with for a few months and adding a runner game to it. Still not going full-on balls to the wall with this, it’s just a casual hobby…
But damn, it feels kinda good to be back.

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