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Eye Candy

Oh crap, I almost forgot! Gameplay video (still a little rough)..

AND a more up to date screenshot (With cool eaten veggie fragments)!!


Loopin’ it

Long time since an update, I know. Hostile Hustle released on Android and iOS with mediocre sales, probably due to lack of marketing. If you don’t have it yet, you should go get it. It rocks.
On the current front, I’m working on integrating iOS Game Center and Scoreloop for some online leaderboard and achievement action for the phones. Haven’t quite worked up a solution for Windows yet, though. XBox will probably utilize a distributed system – someone wrote one, I can’t remember who. I have it somewhere.
Anyway, just letting the world know that, between the day job and keeping my lawn from cooking, I have been working.
Scott, the level design maestro, has over 50 levels done for Stinker! We’re hoping to release a playable beta into the wild soon…

Screenshot Saturday Prototype Progress

Still early in the prototyping phase, just throwing it out there…

What stinks?

Thought I would throw out a little teaser pic of our next game – a puzzler involving a lunch basket, some veggies and an adorable little skunk! This is WAAAAAAAYYYYY in the prototype phase, hence the ugly placeholders. Only one test level so far for proof of concept. More news to be reported as it happens!

State of the Union

Again, a long time has passed since our last post. Sorry about that. We’ll get better, I promise!!! 🙂
So this has been an amazingly productive weekend. Thanks to an unexpected rainy Saturday, I was able to take the big dumping ground of a single header file per c++ project and get them properly segregated. As I was basically re-learning what little I had previously known about the ins and outs of c++, I did a half-assed sloppy job of it. It’s still a little sloppy, but much better! I’m testing the ARM build of “No Rest for the Wicked” as we speak. I did this to clean things up a bit and to make things a little more manageable. There are a couple of weird crashes happening on iOS and Android versions (in different places – weird), and hopefully I will be able to track them down now and move forward with some real progress. I will also be overhauling my drawing routines to be a little cleaner. Once this is all taken care of, I’m hoping we’ll to be able to just start knocking out some games for reals!
Kolphyre has taken the helm nicely with NRFTW, and has 9 (out of 100 planned) playable levels! Now it’s kind of a race to see who can get something to press first. I’m working on what is basically a completed game, so I won’t gloat too much when I win.
And, on a final note, I finally got around to some XBLIG playtesting. I really need to stop neglecting that so much – poking around on the forums after too long is like taking a year off of school, coming back, and not knowing who the hell anybody is.

A Changing of the Guard…

Been a long time since the last update – what does that mean?  Lots of stuff has been happening.  Paul is currently VERY busy on getting the ports for ‘Accidentally’ done so that soon everyone can enjoy some platforming/schmup goodness on their phone or PC.  Why is it taking so long, I hear you ask?  Well – Paul never does anything half-way, so rather than simply port the game over he’s in the process of upgrading it as well.  Think of it as the ‘Special Edition’ version of ‘Accidentally’.  This means totally brand-spanking new graphics as well as a sweet new intro which we had been playing around with putting in the original game, but had dropped for time constraints.  Now, you might be thinking, ‘well, that’s great for those phone and PC users, but for us in the Xbox community who already got the game, that kinda sucks’.  Well – fret not, loyal ‘xbox’ers’, because we will uploading this new ‘Special Edition’ on Xbox as well.  Don’t worry – we know how to treat our loyal fan base!

But – that’s not all!  As Paul is knee deep in finishing up the ports, it has been left up to me to work on our new game, “No Rest for the Wicked”.  I’ll be updating on the progress of that little gem on here and on my Twitter account (@Kolphyre_LMG).  I will mention not only the boring technical aspects as I go through the process, but also the inevitable frustrations I will no doubt come across as well 😉

So, sit back and stay tuned – because we have only just begun 🙂

Holding back the urge to use the cliche “A-Maze-Ing”

So I needed a way to make a simple maze. As I always feel dirty when I use someone Else’s code, I decided to write my own maze generator. For simplicity (and because the long hallways it produces seemed to fit the project at hand), I decided to use the Recursive Division Method of maze generation. Basically, It’s a bunch of quadrants inside quadrants inside quadrants that eventually become a maze when filled. Programming nerds reading this will appreciate how much this process would have sucked without object oriented programming. (Each quadrant is a recursive class – pretty cool, huh?) (Not really. But I think it is.)

As usual, I wrote this up first in C# / XNA, then translated it (like an hour ago) to C++ / Airplay. Our hero in “No Rest for the Wicked” will have himself a nice little slightly confusing dungeon to kill bad guys in, and he’ll have it on multiple platforms. DAMN, this is getting fun!

So speaking of “No Rest For The Wicked,” I don’t think we’ve really gone into the details of this game too much. Fear not, faithful readers, we’ll be spilling out some TOP SECRET design notes soon enough!! (So KEEP CHECKING BACK! I’m not kidding. Seriously.) Oh, the main pages of our happy little web site will have the teasers, but you blog followers will have the scoop long before we reveal anything big. Feel privileged. For now, the basics:

So, this will be a top-down dungeon game, twin-stick shooter/slasher (sort of), where our hero is an up and coming sorcerer’s apprentice. He has been charged with one final task: to descend the 99 levels of the Pit of Anguish, fighting off the opposition to reveal his ultimate purpose. This is his final test, and he will need to bring death to those whom his master and mentor has set out for him as his goal. There will be swords and arrows. There will be magic. There will be bloodshed.

There will be a big f***ing dragon at the end of it all, before our hero finally fulfills his destiny.

I’d tell you what kind of off the wall monsters he will encounter, but our newly appointed artist is still in the process of creating them from our relatively vanilla, more traditional template creatures. I don’t know what we’re going to end up with, all I can say based on her warped vision and exceptional artistic talent is that they are going to be freaking awesome.

So again, keep checking back for more details. We’ll also be whipping up a postmortem for “I Accidentally…In Space! Ep.1” in the near future.