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Spelunker (benched)

And now for something completely different.

In the spirit of overlapping projects, I have started on some of the Cave state handling logic for Spelunker. I think it’s in place and theoretically working, but I haven’t built up the courage to start inserting objects into it yet. Baby steps – the Spelunker comfort zone hasn’t set in yet!

All your pie are belong to us

Oh wow it has been a long time since I have posted on here!  I really need to rethink my priorities…

Anyway – we just had our first official ‘staff meeting’!  As scary as it sounds, this little ‘project’ is starting to feel like a business.  Lots of things in the horizon.  I’m really proud of the fact that Project Spelunker is just about ready to move from ‘pre-production’ (which consists of me jotting down ideas and drawing maps on graph paper) to ‘in development’ (which consists of us actually coding this thing up and getting some action happening).  This is a big deal to me because not only did I start with LMG half-way through ‘Accidentaly’, but for this project I will be taking a larger role as I begin to help Paul out with the coding as well (just as soon as I figure this whole ‘coding’ thing out… Paul – why are you looking so nervous??).

This game will be quite different than our last as it will not have ‘levels’ for you to go through, but rather one large cave to explore at your own discresion.  There will still be plenty of action, but this one will give you a chance to use your brains as well as you will have to find unique items if you wish to complete the game 100%.  More on that later.

Until next time, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  Now if you will excuse me – I must get my pumpkin pie out of the oven before it burns…

I Accidentally.. a Good Idea

This will be a long one – lotsa stuff to go over.

Okay, so I’ve been beating the shit out of myself on the whole name thing, and really focusing a lot of energy on something that, though somewhat important, pales in comparson to the fact that we have an awesome game here. The name stays, with a minor modification for the clarity of those who don’t get the joke.

Moving on.

So the Scottmeister was kind enough to finish off the remainder of the enemy armada patterns (plus one more new and aggressive ship type), which have been plugged into the game and are awaiting some testing. I fear them. We’re again getting damn close to completion on this. We have to add some firepower to the boss and come up with some endgame fun, maybe write one more song for the boss level (though it’s kind of cool to have the same music run on from level 6 into the boss). I expect to be back into playtest very soon.

We’re having a meeting this Saturday to lay down the foundation for the next project, codenamed “Spelunker.” This will be the first structured, planned effort from the LMG duo. This is officially moving LMG  from my personal hobby / pipe dream to a serious venture. No more messing around – we are making some motherf***ing software now, folks. It’s another 2D platformer, Scott’s design, and is a clever cave escape action / puzzler game. The premise is awesome – we’ve actually been talking about if for several months now. I can actually see the game playing in the ol’ mind’s eye.  The code repository is already in place, now we start to populate it…

And, we’re starting to network. (ooooooooh!!!) We’re on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (links will be up soon). Whereas our previous projects have been kind of hidden until release, we will be more actively displaying game progress in the future, so keep checking in (or subscribe to our YouTube channel). Oh, and while you’re at it, check out some of the other developers we are subscribing to (or who have subscribed to us). You will be amazed at the wealth of talent that is out there in the indie community (and not even just the XBLIG stuff).

I think that covers it for now. Sorry for the rambling, I’m just getting really psyched about everything on the horizon!

Lethal Martini Vs. The Universe

Okay – so I really liked that Scott Pilgrim movie – so sue me.  Onto actual news: been spending some time testing level 5 and all I’m going to say is that once we get the new ‘spiked ball’ hazard running smoothly, there are going to be some real choke points :).  With all of the new modifications Paul has been making, the game is looking more and more professional each time I get a chance to test it.  Kinda scary, huh?

In other news – I’ve been heavy into the level design for project “Spelunker” and I have to admit it is coming along nice.  Got a few surprises in store and some definite challenges.  If everything goes as planned, this will be one of those ‘easy to play, hard to beat completely’ games – which of course just happens to be my favorite kind of game!  Go figure…