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Stinker (active – in prototype)

Eye Candy

Oh crap, I almost forgot! Gameplay video (still a little rough)..

AND a more up to date screenshot (With cool eaten veggie fragments)!!

Loopin’ it

Long time since an update, I know. Hostile Hustle released on Android and iOS with mediocre sales, probably due to lack of marketing. If you don’t have it yet, you should go get it. It rocks.
On the current front, I’m working on integrating iOS Game Center and Scoreloop for some online leaderboard and achievement action for the phones. Haven’t quite worked up a solution for Windows yet, though. XBox will probably utilize a distributed system – someone wrote one, I can’t remember who. I have it somewhere.
Anyway, just letting the world know that, between the day job and keeping my lawn from cooking, I have been working.
Scott, the level design maestro, has over 50 levels done for Stinker! We’re hoping to release a playable beta into the wild soon…

Screenshot Saturday Prototype Progress

Still early in the prototyping phase, just throwing it out there…

What stinks?

Thought I would throw out a little teaser pic of our next game – a puzzler involving a lunch basket, some veggies and an adorable little skunk! This is WAAAAAAAYYYYY in the prototype phase, hence the ugly placeholders. Only one test level so far for proof of concept. More news to be reported as it happens!