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So, you wanna know what we’re up to, ay?

What could be more fun than following the sporadic progress of the development team at Lethal Martini Games, right? Nothing I can think of,really! So, on we go, as we document the process of making games with a minimal staff and no budget! That’s right, we’re hitting the big time now! As of recently, we’ve DOUBLED our on-staff development team! Yes, we’ve (I’ve) hired in a second person to make the LMG dream a reality! (Welcome aboard, dude!)

So hopefully we can stir up some interest, keep ourselves in check, and keep the adult ADD from distracting us too much. Where we’re at now…
So far we’re developing exclusively for XBox Live Indie Games. We’re about mid-way through “Hostile Hustle, or… I Accidentally in Space,” a genre mash-up combining the traditional platformer with the traditional vertical shooter. Yup, just like it sounds, you are shooting up at hordes of bad guys above, but you’re doing it from platforms where you are dodging fireballs, spikes, and other hazards. This will be the follow-up title to “MechFish,” LMG’s award winning (well, my wife baked me a nice cake) launch title. (It’s fun, you should try it! The game, I mean. Not the cake.) Gameplay logic is finished, graphics are in beta with a lot of placeholders, title and menu screens are currently in the works. The new partner (who shall remain anonymous until he says its okay to be otherwise) has all the levels designed, leaving me buried in catch-up work to get them down and tested. We’re looking at 6 levels plus a boss level – I’m up to level 4, so back to work…
Oh, and please excuse the oversimplified blog page. I know it’s nothing special but it gets the point across until we have some time to get it (and our existing but non-functional website) looking and working the way we would like it. Also, this was moved from a blog on Google Blogger. Most likely this blog will permanently reside here.
More to come, and thanks for checking us out!