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A Changing of the Guard…

Been a long time since the last update – what does that mean?  Lots of stuff has been happening.  Paul is currently VERY busy on getting the ports for ‘Accidentally’ done so that soon everyone can enjoy some platforming/schmup goodness on their phone or PC.  Why is it taking so long, I hear you ask?  Well – Paul never does anything half-way, so rather than simply port the game over he’s in the process of upgrading it as well.  Think of it as the ‘Special Edition’ version of ‘Accidentally’.  This means totally brand-spanking new graphics as well as a sweet new intro which we had been playing around with putting in the original game, but had dropped for time constraints.  Now, you might be thinking, ‘well, that’s great for those phone and PC users, but for us in the Xbox community who already got the game, that kinda sucks’.  Well – fret not, loyal ‘xbox’ers’, because we will uploading this new ‘Special Edition’ on Xbox as well.  Don’t worry – we know how to treat our loyal fan base!

But – that’s not all!  As Paul is knee deep in finishing up the ports, it has been left up to me to work on our new game, “No Rest for the Wicked”.  I’ll be updating on the progress of that little gem on here and on my Twitter account (@Kolphyre_LMG).  I will mention not only the boring technical aspects as I go through the process, but also the inevitable frustrations I will no doubt come across as well 😉

So, sit back and stay tuned – because we have only just begun 🙂

The other half of the Welcome…

Hey everyone!  This is Scott over at Lethal Martini (the aforementioned ‘new guy’).  Lots of cool stuff going on right now.  As we finish up “Hostile Hustle”, I have already begun work on our next project, currently codenamed Spelunker.  Can’t talk about that one too much yet (gotta keep this stuff all ‘hush-hush’ for now), but I’m really excited about it.  As for ‘Hostile’ – I’ve been doing some of the testing for it and I’ve gotta admit it’s a lot of frantic fun.  Hope you guys like a challenge!

That’s all for the moment, but keep a lookout here at the blog and we’ll keep you updated on the newest info from Lethal Martini.