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Loopin’ it

Long time since an update, I know. Hostile Hustle released on Android and iOS with mediocre sales, probably due to lack of marketing. If you don’t have it yet, you should go get it. It rocks.
On the current front, I’m working on integrating iOS Game Center and Scoreloop for some online leaderboard and achievement action for the phones. Haven’t quite worked up a solution for Windows yet, though. XBox will probably utilize a distributed system – someone wrote one, I can’t remember who. I have it somewhere.
Anyway, just letting the world know that, between the day job and keeping my lawn from cooking, I have been working.
Scott, the level design maestro, has over 50 levels done for Stinker! We’re hoping to release a playable beta into the wild soon…

:D Great Googly Moogly

Google merchant account activated, ready to take your money! Hostile Hustle release date coming soon…


…IS DONE. is “Outro” really a word? I don’t know, but it’s done nonetheless, at least on the XBox / Windows versions. Porting over to the mobile version now. After that, there is LITERALLY nothing left to do but test the living crap out of this game.

I Accidentally…The Whole Game

Okay, we’re getting close. REAL close. “Hostile Hustle”, the ultimate (and easier to spit out) evolution of “I Accidentally…In Space! Episode 1: Hostile Hustle,” is pretty much in final phases of testing now and is ready for submission to all platforms. Here are the facts:

  • It’s pretty much the same basic game. The achievements (“accomplishments”) are the same. Many of the levels are built off of the original levels. The bad guys and weapons are the same.
  • The graphics have been polished up nicely.
  • You can now jump up through the platforms instead of bumping your head on them in an annoying way.
  • We’ve cleaned up the difficulty levels so they aren’t so damn confusing.
  • A few other small things that launched what we thought to be a pretty good game into a great game!
  • EDIT: Forgot to mention… boring static background photos replaced by three level parallax scrolling space backgrounds! Don’t ask why we didn’t just do that in the first place. (Answer: lazy)

Here’s how it’s gonna be released:

  • On XBox Live! Indie Games, it will be released as a separate title from the original “IAIS-EP1:HH.” We will most likely keep the original available for sale for nostalgia purposes. We will be rolling it out at the stock 80 MSP (Better known as one U.S. Dollar)
  • The identical game, with touch controls, will be available on both iOS and Android devices. Selling price will also be a buck.
  • We may or may not release a Windows Phone 7 version. This hinges on (A) how successfully we can port the touch controls over to XNA and (B) the future of Windows phone 7 with Windows 8 on the horizon. Bug us enough and let us know you reeeeaaaalllly want it, and we’ll make it happen.
  • A Windows version will be released, available for direct download from Lethal Martini Games. What would you pay for a Windows port? TEN dollars? FIIIIVE dollars?! ONE DOLLAR LIKE THE REST OF THEM?!?!?!!? Well, how does FREE grab ya? That’s right – at least for its initial release, Hostile Hustle will be available on Windows PCs ABSOLUTELY FREE! Yeah, you’re welcome!

Here’s what will happen down the line:

  • If the world shows us some love and buys a buttload of copies, we will keep adding stuff to it! Levels, weapons, you name it. And none of that freemium in-game purchase nonsense either (we’ll save that for later games). Of course, this hinges on whether or not there are enough people out there playing it, so when it comes out and you get it (and you will…), and you LIKE it (again), tell your friends!

But for now, just watch for the updated teaser… Coming Soon! (For reals, this time. It’s already done, just need to do some small edits and upload it. No, seriously. I’ve watched it. It’s pretty neat – has the new intro sequence from the game and a heavily modified voiceover by yours truly! Watch for it…!

ANOTHER EDIT: Here’s the trailer!!!

Do The Hustle

Working frantically around vacations and the day job to do some more overhauling on “Hostile Hustle” for the phone release. Some levels have been added, some features have been added, some features have been removed… All in all, still coming along well.

That’s all for now! I just wanted to make something with the the title “Do The Hustle.” I can’t believe it took me this long.

Screenshot Saturday Prototype Progress

Still early in the prototyping phase, just throwing it out there…

What stinks?

Thought I would throw out a little teaser pic of our next game – a puzzler involving a lunch basket, some veggies and an adorable little skunk! This is WAAAAAAAYYYYY in the prototype phase, hence the ugly placeholders. Only one test level so far for proof of concept. More news to be reported as it happens!

LMG Salinger

Hostime Hustle (I Accidentally…In Space! Ep1) was release close to a year ago. Some videos were posted shortly after on Lethal Martini’s YouTube page about an overhead, twin stick number called “No Rest for the Wicked.” Then… NOTHING!
Where the hell have these guys been and what the hell have they been doing?
Have the Lethal Martini Games dudes gone into seclusion?!?!?
Nah, we love doing this shit WAAAAY too much for that. The truth is, shortly after Hostile was released, I (Paul) discovered a little gem called Airplay (now known as Marmalade). It’s a nifty little gem that lets me write for Android and iOS without (A) having to use a Mac and (B) having to learn Objective C (yecchhhh!!). It did, however, force me to learn Marmalade and re-learn everything I’ve forgotten about c++. It was a long road of sloppy code and learning from my mistakes and re-writing crap, but eventually I wound up with a fully functional version of Hostile Hustle for Android and iOS (which will be released soon FOR FREE! for a buck – sorry, paradigm shifted when we wound up overhauling the game – see THIS POST. Windows version will be free!).
What it really led to was this:
When we wrote Hostile Hustle, it was built on our proprietary little game library called xDrake. It was decent enough, but was (A) a little limiting and (B) very much geared towards the xBox. For example, mobile and PC games would essentially simulate a gamepad. Eventually we learned that this just wouldn’t cut it, especially when working with touch platforms. So, xDrake was ditched and re-written from ground up as a leaner, more flexible and more multi-platform friendly game library we proudly called LMG_Core! LMG_Core has an XNA version for Window, Windows Phone and XBLIG, and a Marmalade version for iOS and Android. I’m even toying with the idea of writing a Java version for web games, just because it’s that clean and easy to port. All of our games from here on will be built on it.
Which brings us to games… We’re done writing back-end engines, and back to writing games!!!! (YEAAAAAA!) Scott and I have had multiple meetings recently, and are whipping together a prototype for our next release, a puzzler starring an adorable little skunk. More information will follow soon!
We’re back, folks, and we’re not f**ing around! We’ve streamlined our coding and our process, and we now have the foundation we need to get past a lot of the technical minutia and focus on what we desire most: making some games!

EDIT: Did I mention I bought an HTC Trophy Windows Phone 7 phone? 🙂 All platforms testable nao!!

And the winner is…

…A slight hybrid between #2 and #3, reworked slightly to better accommodate the 1:1 ratio of an iTunes icon. We’ll also be using a scaled down version of this for the game icons also.

XBox / Windows on the left, iTunes on the right.

Box Art Candidates…Survey SAYS…?

Which one?!?!? Opinions welcome from all!! (Except Zoidberg)